Quality construction is a major consideration for the prospective new homeowner. Meyer Brant Custom Homes assures their clients that their custom home receives the best quality and service, made with the finest materials and with an acute focus to detail.

Integrity and Service

Integrity and service are key elements in guiding clients through the building process. Meyer Brant Custom Homes excels at conveying our experience and assisting clients to make informed and meaningful decisions in a stress free environment. We have a proven record of performance in the custom home building industry and come highly recommended by our customers. We deal with our clients face-to-face and are at your home site daily to see that you are completely satisfied.

Attention to Detail

Meyer Brant Custom Homes’ attention to detail begins well before the construction of your new custom home. This is a great advantage for several reasons, one being that we know from the very beginning exactly what each client wants to achieve. We design a home to fit your family’s needs and follow the project all the way through construction. During construction we are very hands on and take pride in continuously monitoring the site and subcontractors. Because we are a small family company, we believe in building each custom home as if it were our own.

Working with the Best

Maintaining great relationships with excellent subcontractors is a reputation we are very proud of. We have longstanding relationships with some of the most talented trades-people in New Braunfels, and it shows in the quality of our homes.

Personal Attention

With Meyer Brant Custom Homes, you get first-hand, on-site attention from a top builder and a leading interior designer. Every step of the way Meredith and Kyle Brant are personally on the job site, overseeing each phase of every project and are in continuous contact with homeowners, subcontractors and suppliers.


We’re not like other larger custom home building firms where you may rarely talk to the builder directly. At Meyer Brant Custom Homes, we know good communication is the foundation for every successful project. We keep every client updated. You’ll know how your project is progressing, get a budget and timeline update, and be advised of any upcoming design selection decisions you may need to make.

Making it Easy and Painless

Building a new custom home can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Our unique selection sheets tell you what decisions are needed at each stage of construction to avoid delays, along with the budget allowance for each item. You’ll work directly with Meredith and preferred suppliers who have extensive experience in helping turn our clients’ visions into beautiful reality!

Timeliness and Cost

Timely completion and cost are of utmost importance and impact the client in significant ways. First, a client is paying interim financing to the bank from the day construction begins. The sooner the new home is completed the less it costs the homeowner. Second, the quicker a new home is completed the less chance that the homeowner will encounter a significant increase in “locking in” at their permanent fixed rate of interest. Meyer Brant Custom Homes gives your new home our full attention, which ensures timely completion.


Flexibility is a desirable trait that a homeowner should want from any custom home builder they consider. It is common that homeowners will want to make changes after construction begins. Meyer Brant Custom Homes takes in strive those unexpected changes and is most responsive and supportive of them and their implementation.

“They are wonderful, honest, and trustworthy people who had our best interest at heart throughout the entire build. My husband really appreciated the fact they helped us to achieve the look and feel of our home while staying within our budget. We will always recommend Meyer Brant Custom Homes to anyone we know who is interested in building.”

Rosemary and Lon Patterson